Oh so paranoid..

caticonslite_bm_altOh so paranoid..

This chap thinks the end has come.

Black Ops 2 – Care Package Unboxing

caticonslite_bm_altBlack Ops 2 – Care Package Unboxing

This strappin’ young soldier very excitedly takes us through his unboxing of the $200 special edition of the game. Skip to the end for the punchline.

Tornado in Algarve, Portgual

caticonslite_bm_altTornado in Algarve, Portgual

Amazing footage as an unfazed cameraman captures footage of a tornado destroying a football stadium in Algarve, Portugal.

Juggling balls with his mouth

caticonslite_bm_altJuggling balls with his mouth

It’s actually as impressive as the title sounds. He manages to juggle 7 balls at the same damn time.

Brixton nightlife

caticonslite_bm_altBrixton nightlife

I posted this simply because of the amazing scenes that unfold after the 3 minute mark. It felt like improv-street pantomime for a brief moment. Let’s hope the chap got his money back.

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Serato Icon Artist

caticonslite_bm_altDJ Jazzy Jeff – Serato Icon Artist

A nice piece on legendary Disc Jockey, Jazzy Jeff.